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Chapter 174 He Gave Her True Love And Care

  • After work, Cen Yao took the cab back to the Jing Gardens. She couldn't help but feel a bit guilty and her heart twinged with traces of apology.
  • "Yao, why are you distracted?" Youyi wore a blue and white tracksuit and hugged a little pillow as he sat on the bed.
  • As soon as he saw Cen Yao come back, Youyi pulled her into his room to talk about the entertaining things that happened. Youyi had talked his mouth dry before realizing that he hadn't heard a sound from Yao in quite a while. He raised his head and those clear eyes of his had circled around the room and when he purposefully turned around to look, he found that Yao's gaze had fallen somewhere else.
  • "Ah, probably too tired from work today." Cen Yao gently stroked Youyi's head after she was startled back into wakefulness and then randomly came up with an excuse.
  • "Definitely thinking of Daddy again. Daddy is such a big jerk. Always competing with me for affection." Youyi felt frustrated and muttered quietly to herself.
  • Suddenly, sounds came from outside the door. Cen Yao and Youyi looked at each other and both guessed that someone was home.
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