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Chapter 173 Wedding Present

  • "Uh," Cen Yao paused and called him a jerk in her mind but didn't realize that her nervousness had mostly dissipated under his teasing.
  • "I need to report something." She put her words together and intentionally said that in a joking manner.
  • "Sure, I'm listening." Shang Tingli's eyes were filled with laughter.
  • "Tingli, I became a trending topic today. With Yun. I didn't think that just giving him a photo yesterday would make me get on that list. Tingli, you're not going to be angry are you?" Her voice was soft and pleading, something that he rarely heard.
  • But Shang Tingli know knew her personality very well and could naturally hear the vulnerability and uneasiness in that showed itself.
  • But he had to do what had to be done.
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