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Chapter 152 Reunion

  • The two held onto each other for a long while and only separated when the others walked out from the circle surrounding them.
  • Cen Yao's heart swelled with sadness at the sight of Shang Tingli walking towards her, rumpled and dejected-looking. But she couldn't hide a trace of joy at the sight either.
  • But when she looked at him, she quickly remembered that he was now engaged to another woman and her heart ached.
  • She averted her gaze and refused to look at him, just like she would if they were two unrelated strangers.
  • "Yaoyao, come here." Shang Tingli stared intently at Cen Yao. He had assumed that she would rush into his arms at the sight of him. What he hadn't counted on was for her to ignore him, as if she didn't see him.
  • Cen Yao's pale left ear twitched for an instant as if she was frightened.
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