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Chapter 144 The Secret From Six Years Ago (1)

  • Shang Tingli drove to Jiang Xudong's home.
  • The entire way there, his car zoomed at an incredible speed. The wheels tore across the road so fast sparks almost flew and it was obvious how unsettled the driver was.
  • When Jiang Xudong opened the door, he couldn't believe the man standing outside his door was the Shang Tingli that he knew.
  • He was still wearing the clothes he had worn when they met up during the day.
  • The smooth suit was now wrinkled at the corner. For them, this kind of thing was never supposed to happen.
  • As the overseer of a company, they had to remain calm and collected no matter what. Only when they were cool and collected could they do perform the best they could.
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