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Chapter 139 Coming Out Safely From Danger

  • As soon as they walked through the door he had seen the glances between the server and Tian Tian. He hadn't thought this was her plan.
  • "Tingli." Tian Tian watched as Shang Tingli walked away with Shang Youyi in his arms. Her heart ached so very badly. He didn't care about her at all.
  • "You better not regret this. My dad will not tolerate me being humiliated like this." Tian Tian shouted at Shang Tingli with the last bit of her strength. "TIngli." A smile appeared on her face when she noticed Shang Tingli stop. She knew that Shang Tingli's personality meant he'd value the company.
  • But Shang Tingli only paused momentarily. "Don't threaten me with the company. Your dad has been with the company for a long time. I'll spare him, but I hope this is the last time something like this happens."
  • Tian Tian watched in despair at the door closed. Why, she had only wanted to be with Shang Tingli. Why can he accept Cen Yao but refuse to give her even a single night?
  • "Daddy, Aunt Tian Tian seems to not feel good." Shang Youyi gave the closed door a worried look. He could see that Aunt Tian Tian seems be suffering but didn't understand why his daddy would leave her behind.
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