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Chapter 125 I Want To See You

  • Cen An picked up the conversation and said, "If you really do have a boyfriend, then bring him around for us to meet him."
  • Cen Xuan blinked and cried, "Yao, you really are something! You just got divorced from Bu Ziang recently and now you've got a new partner? Yao, how is he? Is he handsome? Is he tall? Is he rich? How is he compared to our Chairman Shang?"
  • Cen Xuan's last sentence made Cen Yao pause in her movement of putting the shirt away.
  • She looked at Cen Xuan's happy and youthful face. All of a sudden, Cen Yao didn't feel happy.
  • Cen Xuan was confused by the sudden change in Cen Yao's gaze. She touched her cheeks confusedly and asked, "Yao, what's up? Why are you looking at me like that?"
  • Cen Yao returned to reality and lowered her eyes. She replied calmly, "Stop guessing, it's no a boyfriend."
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