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Chapter 119 The Person I Like Is You!

  • Cen Yao's work got busy.
  • Shang Tingli was still in the hospital and Cen Yao didn't go again. She could guess that his hospital room must be stuffed to the brim with people.
  • Lu Dongxin did make several earnest visits.
  • Every time Lu Dongxin came back, he'd make sure to call Cen Yao and try to convince Cen Yao, time and time again, to go and visit Shang Tingli in the hospital. Cen Yao could only agree but she also never went again.
  • Today.
  • As soon as Cen Yao stepped foot inside the company, Li Qing walked up. "Director Cen, Director Lu has been waiting for you in your office since this morning. He seems to be very happy about something."
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