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Chapter 115 He's Not a Mortal

  • "What's your relationship with our Chairman Shang? He's a patient at the hospital, why are you visiting him?" Cen Xuan looked at her cautiously. Her expression was extra suspicious.
  • Her tone was filled with obvious possessiveness. That "our" seemed to declare Shang Tingli as hers.
  • Cen Yao fell silent and gave the infatuated woman in front of her a complicated look.
  • That momentary silence made Cen Xuan uneasy. "Yao, when did you two become so familiar?"
  • "We're not familiar. It's just that a company that I'm working with recently submitted a bid to the Yuancheng Group." Cen Yao finally said slowly. She glanced at Cen Xuan and said, "When I was at Yuancheng today, I saw Chairman Shangb being brought to the hospital -- the company asked me to pay him a visit."
  • Cen Xuan asked dubiously, "Visiting him so late?"
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