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Chapter 104 Thank You For Giving All Of Her To Me

  • The moment Shang Tingli stepped out, Bu Ziang raised his head as of sensing him.
  • Upon seeing Shang Tingli, Bu Ziang's eyes turned red and anger welled in them. He was so angry he could burn the man in front of him to a crisp.
  • Bu Ziang tossed aside the cigarette and crossed the distance between himself and Shang Tingli in a few steps. He grabbed Shang Tingli's collar and demanded with gritted teeth, "What did you and Cen Yao do in that room just now?"
  • Honestly, this was asking the obvious.
  • But Bu Ziang held onto a foolish hope.
  • Heaven only knew how crazed he had felt when he returned to Ya Garden only to see the two of them in an embrace.
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