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Chapter 103 Yaoyao, You Need to Be Punished For Being Distracted

  • "We're in the middling of doing this and you still have the mind to take his call. Yaoyao, you need to be punished for being distracted!"
  • He lifted her butt and tugged her closer to himself.
  • "Wait...," Cen Yao pressed against his shoulder with both of her hands. A bit of sadness welled up in her heart and she looked at him pleadingly, "Let me go out."
  • Shang Tingli's face darkened. Instead of loosening his grip on her, he grabbed her phone and dialed a series of numbers.
  • "Sir." The call was immediately picked up.
  • "Come to the door and take care of irrelevant personnel. Also, check his phone." Shang Tingli said nothing except for this simple direction. Afterward, he hung up the phone without a moment's of hesitation.
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