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Chapter 102 Yaoyao, It's Utmost Torture To Not Have You

  • She panted softly and looked at him silently with misty eyes.
  • Shang Tingli looked down on her -- right now, her clothes were in disarray.
  • Half of her naked pale shoulders peeked out and her bra strap was slipping down, revealing some of her snow-white skin. Right now, that pale skin was turning an enticing shade of pink.
  • Shang Tingli's breathing became heavy. He admitted to himself that he had never felt such a strong desire for a woman! He wanted to be closer to her, wanted to possess her, and wanted to hear her abandon herself and moan underneath him.
  • Shang Tingli couldn't help but remember what Shang Youyi told him that day.
  • What exactly have she and Bu Ziang been up to in the last few days? Aside from kissing, did anything else happen?
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