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Chapter 100 No Intention of Letting You off Tonight

  • “Since when did you two become so close?” Shang Tingli’s low voice drifted into her ear as though questioning her, “Tell me, Cen Yao. What are you planning exactly? Do you want to salvage your marriage?”
  • “What if I said that I were?”
  • “I won’t allow it!” Shang Tingli looked even more forbidding than he ever had before.
  • He was so domineering.
  • Cen Yao raised her head to look at him, “Who do you think you are? What gives you the right to disapprove?”
  • Shang Tingli’s eyes turned gloomy. His long fingers fell upon her lips, while his voice sounded increasingly threatening, “Cen Yao, are you trying to test my patience by going back and forth?”
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