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Chapter 83 Ning Jing, You Can't Run

  • Cheng Jinghao's cool scent was suffused with a very faint disinfectant scent. I wondered where he came from.
  • He stared at me condescendingly with his ink-like eyes. A cold smirk appeared on his face as he asked in reply, "I don't have to interfere?"
  • "Yes," I looked away and spat out a word.
  • Aunt naturally recognized Cheng Jinghao. In a flash, she had reined her temper and put on a fawning smile in exchange. "Jinghao, so it's you. The lighting in this hallway is dim—I didn't see clearly."
  • Faced with my aunt's intimate attitude, I just felt a little helpless but said nothing.
  • Cheng Jinghao's gaze was cold, and he remained silent.
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