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Chapter 80 This Charge Can Be Included Together

  • "Of course, I know that you haven't had it easy these days, right?" she said like she knew all the ins and outs, "As long as you can acknowledge this matter, everything will be solved easily. As for the 1 million of MY Company, it doesn't matter even if you've used it. Dongchen will solve it."
  • From what she said, I knew that she must have investigated me, and furthermore, she knew that the card was already snatched away.
  • What she said sounded very reasonable. I almost wanted to agree with her.
  • Ever since this matter occurred, I had been under very great pressure. 
  • I wanted to prove that I had nothing to do with the leaked design matter.
  • And I also got entangled in the matter about Bai Yiyi getting injured.
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