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Chapter 77 She Has Long Hated Me

  • I finally knew what the so-called "goodwill taken as ill intent" was.
  • I tried hard to control my emotions then said, "Do you know why I don't want you to be together with him?"
  • Seeing Lin Yuelan's attitude, I knew clearly that if I did not tell her the truth, she would always misunderstand me. 
  • Misunderstand that I deliberately did not want her to fare better than I did.
  • I was a little apprehensive before. Aside from the fact that I myself was too embarrassed to talk about it, I also felt that she really wholeheartedly wanted to be with Song Yang—if I told her the truth, I was afraid she could not accept it.
  • Now, they had broken up, so I might as well press my luck.
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