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Chapter 63 No One Is Going to Live Well!

  • Ah... She really had the nerves to say the word "slander".
  • Seeing her righteous look made me so angry my whole body trembled. "Slander? Is Miss Su suffering from selective amnesia? The day before yesterday, you conspired with Ning Hairong to find someone to rape me. Today, you're refusing to admit it no matter what?"
  • I really did not understand how a daughter of a prestigious family like her could act so viciously like this.
  • We were both women. She should be very clear what kind of trauma a woman would suffer from being raped.
  • Her gaze flickered. She uncomfortably looked away but soon turned towards me, looking just like she had heard an absurd joke. "I find someone to rape you? Who do you think you’re?"
  • I raised my hand then flung it towards her with my all. My fingers were all trembling. I hissed venomously, "Su Shanshan, don't think that your Su Family can cover the sky with their hand! The society is ruled by law now!"
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