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Chapter 61 This Joke Isn't Funny

  • I carelessly wiped my tears off then said coldly, "I could endure if she humiliated me! But she insulted my mother—why can't I hit her?!"
  • He went ballistic. "Your mother's dead! Is it worthwhile for you to look for justice for a dead person?! You're just harming me to death!"
  • After taking a deep breath, I mocked apathetically, "Yes, my mother's no longer here, but in my heart, you already died as early as four years ago."
  • In my heart, from the moment he and Song Meiqian forced my mother into jumping from the building four years ago, he already died!
  • Four years later, for the sake of Nings' Corporation, he knelt in front of me and begged me. At that time, I thought he had really repented, so I gave all the money I got from my divorce with Cheng Jinghao to him.
  • In return, however, he now joined hand with an outsider and cornered me to the point I almost got raped by someone.
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