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Chapter 59 When Can You Believe Me?

  • There was no sound whatsoever from inside the room, but Mr. Xu was coming towards me one step at a time while covering his broken forehead. His expression looked vicious, and the lust in his gaze was very apparent.
  • "Run, continue to f*cking run!"
  • I propped myself up on my elbows, wanting to crawl up from the floor but failing again and again. I lied on the floor, begging piteously, "Don't come over... Mr. Xu, please let go of me, okay?"
  • My heart had sunk into the abyss. Maybe Chen Lin had left. No one could help me.
  • Could it be that I really would not be able to escape...?
  • I was so anxious I wanted to cry. My heart was shaking. It was as if I had returned to a dozen years ago. The current scene seemed to overlap with the scene where I was almost raped by Song Yang. All of the fears I had billowed inside my heart just like a raging storm.
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