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Chapter 57 Ning Hairong's Threat

  • Once I walked out of the hotel's gate, Manfan, who saw me coming towards her, could not help but complain, "You really took a long time in the washroom. I even thought you fall into the toilet bowl.
  • I laughed. Originally, I wanted to tell her about what I just heard, but I felt it was the Sus' secret, so I did not do it.
  • When I got back home, I filled the bathtub with water and then soaked inside to alleviate the exhaustion that had accumulated for the whole day.
  • Recalling Madam Su's protectiveness over Su Shanshan, my heart could not help but ache. If... my mother was still alive, she would also protect me like that, right?
  • However, I no longer had a mother.
  • After I finished my bath, I casually cooked an instant noodle to fill my belly. I then brought the bowl and sat in front of the TV, eating and watching at the same time.
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