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Chapter 55 Why Are You so Vicious?

  • Su Shanshan was wearing a beautiful glittering dress. Her hair was exquisitely coiled into a bun, leaving her elegant swanlike neck exposed. As for Cheng Jinghao, he was wearing an expensive, dark blue western suit. He looked very composed and was oozing with a kind of chill that prevented others from approaching.
  • Many wealthy second-generation young masters cast gazes full of interest as Su Shanshan, but when they saw the man standing beside her, they withdrew their gazes in resentment.
  • I looked at their silhouettes absent-mindedly. I had to admit that they were a great match but inexplicably, I also felt they were a bit dazzling to the eyes.
  • Manfan was also dumbfounded. "Why are they together?"
  • I looked away. Ignoring the peculiar feeling from my heart, I told her everything that had happened these days, including the matter about me seeing Cheng Jinghao carrying Su Shanshan to the hospital because she had a menstrual pain.
  • The more she listened, the deeper the creases in her brows were. She leaned over and asked in my ear, "Then what about you? Have you really broken up with Cheng Jinghao? Can you bear that?"
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