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Chapter 50 Maternal Grandfather Fainted

  • I walked to his office while thinking about the matter last night. I should have thrown him to the street when he fell asleep!
  • Without even knocking on his door, I directly went into his office. I looked around, but no one was there.
  • A frown instantly emerged on my brows. I directly opened the door to the lounge and went in to look for him. I then saw that the bathroom door was half-closed, and there was no sound at all inside.
  • I gave it a push in passing, but as soon as I did so, my whole body froze as if I was hacked by thunder.
  • Cheng Jinghao was standing in his birthday suit inside the bathroom, and he happened to be facing me, who was standing at the door. His abdominal muscles were chiseled but not over the top. His adam's apple rolled up and down slightly. His collarbones looked extremely sexy. The water droplets on his body flowed down along his abdominal muscle, sliding to another place that made me flush in embarrassment.
  • He lifted his gaze and looked at me. There was a slight pause in the hands that were currently wiping his hair. I covered my eyes then chose to strike first. "Y-y-you pervert! Why didn't you lock the door if you were having a bath??"
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