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Chapter 45 Forbid You to Shout "Stop"

  • There were drops of rainwater hanging at the ends of his hair. His deep gaze fell on me. Maybe the lightings in the corridor were too dim, but I could not see his expression too clearly.
  • A sliver of indescribable loneliness seemed to radiate from him. He opened his slightly thin lips, saying, "Tonight, you..."
  • "Jing, do you have a friend coming?" Zhou Ziyun's voice suddenly came from behind me.
  • Cheng Jinghao walked into my home following the voice. Upon seeing that it was Zhou Ziyun, fury sparked in his gaze. He pursed his lips and shot a sharp, fierce glance at me. The aura around him was terrifying.
  • I rarely saw him like this, so for a moment, even my scalp also felt numb because of it. Before I could say anything, however, I saw the figure next to me flash past. Cheng Jinghao had directly rushed forward. He grabbed Zhou Ziyun by his collar and swung his fist hard upward.
  • Freaking out, I hastily rushed forward and grabbed Cheng Jinghao's arm. "What are you doing?! Quickly let go!"
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