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Chapter 43 This Is How the Real Ideal Couple Looks

  • Their appearance attracted many people's attention. Cheng Jinghao had always kept a low-profile, but Dongchen Corporation had an influential status in Nancheng County. Among these people who were really within the circle of the rich and the famous, perhaps only precious few did not recognize him.
  • Song Yang chuckled disdainfully. "See? This is how the real ideal couple looks. You can't really believe that Cheng Jinghao would always long for you affectionately for real, right?"
  • I withdrew my gaze then looked at him with a frown, saying slowly, "Does this concern you?"
  • I was not at all surprised that he knew about my relationship with Cheng Jinghao. Song Meiqian must have told him.
  • His eyes glinted. He put on a fake smile and said, "Does it not? Let's wait and see—there will definitely a day when you kneel on the ground and beg me."
  • I gnashed my teeth with hatred, but I had completely no way to deal with his roguish behavior. I could only shoot a hateful glare at him, turned on my heels, and walked away.
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