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Chapter 30 Miscarriage

  • "Let's go and take it now."
  • Upon saying that, Doctor Chen first went in to say hello to the OB-GYN, and then he led me towards the building for the inpatient department.
  • From the drawer of his work desk, he took out a simple, black-stringed necklace. The pendant was a carved mutton fat jade. It looked exceptionally exquisite and adorable.
  • He handed it over to me. "It was something the nurse found under your mother's pillow. Take a look."
  • "Well, I must've been too careless when I packed up. Thank you for keeping it for me."
  • I held the pendants between my fingers and softly moved my fingers on it. It was a little sheep. I was also born in the year of sheep, but... I had never seen this necklace before.
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