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Chapter 281 Lest You'll Have Nightmares

  • Qin Yinghe looked up to the sky and burst into hearty laughter that her shoulders shook. Her eyes were thoroughly disdainful. "You are too naive. Since I want to kill you, I won't dirty my hands."
  • As she said, she opened a window. "Okay, I'm not here to talk about the old days with you. No matter how much nonsense you say, you must die today. Why don't you just jump out of this window?"
  • The weather in London wasn't good today with dark clouds and rain. The room floor was very high, and with the window open, wind mixed with rain poured in.
  • I knew she was serious and couldn't help being a little flustered, but I still looked at her coldly. "It won't do you any good to kill me, and it will even involve your mother."
  • "My mother?"
  • Qin Yinghe froze for a moment and asked rhetorically.
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