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Chapter 28 Threat

  • In the morning the next day, as I went downstairs after freshening up, I saw Song Meiqian come out from a bedroom with a gloomy expression. It was a guest bedroom, not Cheng Jinghao's.
  • She also caught a glimpse of me, but right after she did, she turned around and haughtily went downstairs. She took a seat on Cheng Jinghao's left side then said softly, "I want to take Bao to stroll around the mall later, and while we're at it, I also want to buy you a few pieces of clothes, is that okay?"
  • Cheng Jinghao put down the coffee cup in his hand then took out a napkin and unhurriedly wiped the corners of his mouth. "It's good as long as you're happy. That being the case, you should wake Bao up. I don’t have to come early to the company today—I'll drive you two to the mall first."
  • Song Meiqian said rather hesitatingly, "While I'm at it, I also want to buy a bag I've taken fancy to a few days ago, but the money I have isn't enough..."
  • I guessed she was now doing everything she could to get money for that man. A hard to describe kind of feelings appeared in my heart.
  • It was a sad feeling on behalf of Cheng Jinghao, or maybe it was an unreconciled feeling.
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