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Chapter 270 A Gun in the Hand of a Man Who Set His Mind To Do Something

  • I tapped my index finger on the mouse and clicked into the interface of this hot search.
  • At the top of Weibo, Lin Zhi had appeared in an interview with a well-known media outlet, pretending to be pitiful and aggrieved to gain the public's sympathy, accusing me of being an utterly heartless daughter-in-law.
  • Once again, she claimed that I sent someone to hurt her. She stated that even the villa arson was my doing as well!
  • She slandered me, including Qin Yinghe's scandal before when she took away Lin Yuelan's womb.
  • She said that I caused Qin Yinghe's infertility!
  • What was more, she said that I provoked her and Cheng Jinghao's mother-son relationship. Because of me, Cheng Jinghao drove her out of the Cheng family...
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