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Chapter 27 Running Into an Affair

  • The thoughts in my mind took all kinds of twists and turns. In the end, I ruthlessly bit the tip of his tongue. A bloody taste instantly burst and spread inside my mouth.
  • A hiss escaped his lips. There was a slight pause in his movement, and he looked at me somewhat angrily.
  • I used this chance to free myself. I glared at him, saying with a face reddened from anger, "Are you a dog? If you're in heat, go downstairs and find Song Meiqian! She ought to be looking forward to being mounted by you!"
  • With one hand, he violently loosened his necktie. A kind of indescribable eroticism oozed out of his every move, but the person himself seemed to be emitting a kind of freezing-cold aura.
  • "Ning Jing, I'm warning you—you're mine! You're not allowed to be involved with other men!"
  • What I heard made me want to laugh, and I really did burst out laughing. I asked back with a soft mocking tone, "Yours? Are you drunk in broad daylight? The moment we got divorced, we have nothing to do with each other—you're in no position to control me."
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