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Chapter 266 Are You Guys Trying To Elope?!

  • It was a three-bedroom and two-baths layout. One room was for the two children. One was for Auntie Wu and one for me, so there was no extra.
  • "That's fine. I'll make do and stay in one room with you," Cheng Jinghao replied with a straight face.
  • As if he was indeed putting up with it.
  • It was apparent that I couldn't drive him away. I felt tired after a day of bumbling around, so I glanced at him with a smile. "Since you can make do, then you can sleep on the sofa."
  • After saying that, I didn't bother to pay attention to him again and went into my room, ready to take a shower and sleep.
  • I turned off the lights, and drowsiness came over me. As I was drifting off to sleep, an indiscernible noise seemed to resound in the room. My side slightly sank as the man's hand wrapped around my waist, and he deftly scooped me into his arms.
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