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Chapter 242 You Don't Matter Now

  • As he got closer and closer, the atmosphere in the room became gloomier.
  • The atmosphere became so awkward on the spot. Manfan sensed that something wasn't right, so she hastily arranged for Liu Qian and her husband to leave in advance.
  • I felt like someone pressed the pause button, staring at him blankly as he approached me. Zhou Ziyun withdrew the ring in his hand and swept me into his arms as if declaring sovereignty.
  • "Mr. Zhou, why haven't I seen your elegant interest in interfering in other people's marriage?" There was a shadow of a smile on Cheng Jinghao's face, but cold intent enveloped his body.
  • I reacted and violently pushed him away. I glared furiously at him. "Cheng Jinghao, I'm single now. Who's married?"
  • Whether I promised Zhou Ziyun or not, he shouldn't humiliate Zhou Ziyun to that extent.
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