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Chapter 224 Because Some People Did Their Fair Share of Evil Deeds

  • I would never let this pot of dirty water splash on my head. I immediately warned indifferently, "Third Aunt, even the police dare not settle the case by speaking like you. You should be responsible for what you say."
  • The third aunt rebuked angrily, "You are a junior. How do you talk to me? I think you are just guilty!"
  • "As an elder, can you wrong me at will?" I didn't retreat a step.
  • The third aunt slammed a water glass to the floor. She glared at me in anger and nodded repeatedly. "Okay, I finally know why your mother-in-law is so afraid of you. You've got quite a ferocious temper that she's afraid of you!"
  • Really. Her principles were damn impressive. They first accused me yet forbade me to refute them.
  • I was disinclined to argue with her any further and turned around to go upstairs. However, my second aunt stopped me and questioned, "I think your third aunt is right, Jing. Are you guilty? Is the matter of your mother-in-law's injury related to you?"
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