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Chapter 22 Cheng Jinghao, Do You Believe in Me?

  • My mother in law had just picked up a teacup and was about to take a sip. When she heard me, she raised her head and looked at me in shock. "When did that happen?"
  • I watched her expression without blinking, wanting to find a sliver of peculiarity on her face. But there was none. She seemed to have genuinely not known.
  • I looked outside the window and said pensively, "On the day you visited her."
  • She seemed to be recalling something and said with a sigh, "It's too sudden. She still seemed fine when I visited her. How could she have passed so suddenly?"
  • Holding back my tears, I looked at her and said one word at a time, "She committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills."
  • Her eyes widened with an incredulous stare. A long while later, she placed her teacup down and sighed. "The dead is gone; you have to accept and move on. Your mother had it hard these past few years. For her, this might be liberation."
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