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Chapter 218 A Second Slap on Her Face

  • It swept my hesitation away, and I looked at him firmly. "I accept, and after I win the lawsuit, I'll need you to vouch for me."
  • "Are you confident you'll win the case?" He heard the confidence in my voice.
  • "Yes, because Qin Yinghe not only acquired ownership of my company's shares through illegal means, but also took advantage of her shareholder rights to arrange for someone to enter my company, steal the designs, and now leaked them out."
  • I smiled softly, "That's something I can sue for, too."
  • Surprise flashed in his eyes. "Could it be that those designs are your deliberate..."
  • Before he finished his sentence, I knew what he was going to say and admitted frankly, "Yes, Qin Yinghe planted in a person. Although I didn't know that person's intentions at first, I was always wary of her. When she wanted the design drafts, I prepared fake copies and let her get away with it."
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