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Chapter 207 Almost Fled Helter-Skelter

  • She snorted and looked over at me with disdain. "I can't talk to him properly when I think of his mother being you."
  • "What's going on?" Cheng Jinghao came out of the study and asked me while wiping An'an's tears.
  • Lin Zhi quickly masked the scorn on her face while I related everything, "An'an went into Mom's room to play, but Mom pushed him out and got his knee bruised."
  • Cheng Jinghao's face sank like water. He rolled up An'an's trousers, and after a glance, his eyes narrowed. He whispered to me, "I'll deal with it. Take An'an back to his room and bathe him, then rub medicine."
  • "Hmm."
  • I was worried about An'an's knee injury and didn't bother to dwell on it anymore, so I took the baby to my room and went straight into the bathroom.
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