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Chapter 202 I Think She's an Ancestor!

  • Everyone was aware that this was never a servant's doing.
  • Lin Zhi might have arranged it, or Cheng Xi, or Cheng Jinghao.
  • Whoever it was, I was slapping them hard in the face with this statement.
  • Lin Zhi's face instantly turned ugly as hell. As for Qin Yinghe, she was even more humiliated and could no longer suppress her displeasure. She clenched her fists and spoke, "Of all the rooms, why do you have to have me in this one?... Are you deliberately targeting me?"
  • Look, she was fuming but didn't forget to play innocent.
  • I just had the urge to laugh, and I did. I leaned forward slightly, stuck to her ear, and whispered provocatively. "Qin Yinghe, you're wrong. You don't call this targeting. It's called revenge."
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