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Chapter 195 Someone Was Tailing After Me Round the Clock

  • I ignored him and neatly hung up the phone, then called Chen Xuan through the intercom and instructed her, "Book five airline tickets to the UK the day after tomorrow. You'll be coming with me, so book a hotel together as well."
  • Greene's headquarters was in England, Europe.
  • Chen Xuan and I confirmed some requirements for the hotel and then proceeded to make arrangements.
  • I, Auntie Wu, and Chen Xuan, three adults, should be more than enough to take care of two children.
  • In the afternoon, I went to Ning Hairong's office and told him about my trip to England. He immediately nodded and agreed, letting me have fun at ease.
  • The next day, instead of going to work, I accompanied Auntie Wu at home to pack and buy some necessities for the trip.
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