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Chapter 194 Stay Away From My Fiancé!

  • I knew what he meant by the arrangement, and promptly refused politely, "You're familiar with Europe, so just tell me which places are worth visiting and relatively interesting. I'll let my assistant arrange the rest."
  • I was only in partnership with him, how could I have the nerve to let him spend money?
  • When he heard my refusal, he teased, "You've worked so hard for this project. Won't you give me a chance to reward you?"
  • "This is also my work, so it's only right for me to work hard," I said seriously.
  • He was stunned, then laughed soon after, "Okay, I'll take that. You're saving our company money."
  • I shrugged and smiled. I put away the stuff on my desk, picked up my bag, and left the office with him.
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