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Chapter 184 Do You Have To Be Sarcastic?

  • I glanced uncontrollably in Cheng Jinghao's direction and saw that his face was rigid. His eyes were gloomy and indistinct, and his emotions were unfathomable.
  • It seemed that he guessed it too.
  • Shen Yanting gave Ning Hairong a few words of comfort. In short, he told him not to think too much.
  • Then, he left first.
  • I coaxed An'an for a while. I wanted Ning Hairong to take him home, but he refused to go, and his little body nestled on my hospital bed.
  • In the end, it was Cheng Jinghao who again got a new VIP watcher room with full facilities for Ning Hairong and An'an to stay.
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