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Chapter 174 It Was All a Joke

  • This picture made me think that all the gentle words Cheng Jinghao had just said to me had turned into a joke.
  • "Like an unattainable dream, it shatters in one touch ..."
  • My phone suddenly rang, and when I took a look at the caller ID, it was Shen Yanting.
  • I collected my thoughts and answered the phone. Shen Yanting's voice came through the Bluetooth headset, "Ning Jing, are you free tomorrow? I plan to take you to Greene’s branch factory in Nancheng. It might help you with your designs."
  • "Sure, I've always wanted to go and enrich my experience. So should I just meet you at the Greene branch tomorrow?"
  • Greene's jewelry was all produced in its own factory. It has the finest jewels and advanced production techniques and being able to see some of it is definitely a benefit to me. To gain first-hand knowledge of it was absolutely favorable and harmless to me.
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