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Chapter 167 Let Me See Who Dares

  • When Cheng Jinghao saw me stop the cab, he didn't force me to stop. He merely frowned a bit, kept his voice down and warned Su Shanshan, "Su Shanshan, I have no relationship with you. Don't ever bother my wife again!"
  • "Jinghao... I-I got it."
  • Su Shanshan put on a meek appearance.
  • As if I hadn't heard the conversation, I carried An'an straight into the taxi, closed the door without hesitation, and gave the driver my address.
  • The warm winter sun shining through the window made An'an more alert. His fever has gone down but his spirit wasn't as lively as it used to be. I couldn't help but feel distressed.
  • Baby, Mommy will work hard to let you grow up in the best conditions.
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