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Chapter 160 Do You Want to Get Justice for Your Sweetheart?

  • I tremblingly took out my cell phone. However, I left too hurriedly a few days ago and forgot to bring my charger, and the electricity from my power back was also not enough to las a few days - my cell phone had run out of battery long ago.
  • I ran into my room, plugged the charger in, and hastily turned it on. I called Mrs. Mo, but the call could not be connected.
  • I could not help by start crying. I tried calling Mrs. Wang, but the call could not go through either.
  • What was going on...
  • With trembling fingers, I dialed Cheng Jinghao's number. The moment he picked up my call, I hurriedly said, "Cheng Jinghao, An'an is gone! Both Mrs. Mo and Mrs. Wang also can't be contacted."
  • "An'an was picked up by my mother to stay in the main house for a few days," he said coldly.
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