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Chapter 153 Even a Rabbit Will Bite When It was Cornered

  • "Right, right, right! Why didn't I think of that? By going out and diverting his attention, maybe he'll stop crying." Mrs. Mo immediately helped me to push the stroller to the garden.
  • "I don't need the stroller. I'll hold him. We're just going to stroll around the neighborhood for a while."
  • An'an cried too fiercely. So fiercely that people could not help but feel sorry for him. He was clutching the front part of my clothes with both hands, looking completely reliant on me. I simply did not have the heart to put him down.
  • I held him and strolled here and there around the neighborhood, talking to him all the while, "An'an, see what that is? It's a little bird. It flies so high..."
  • Sure enough, a child's attention was easy to be diverted. In just a few minutes, he already stopped crying and was now watching the outside world with wonder.
  • "You actually dare to really take away 30% of the profits!"
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