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Chapter 151 The More She Explained, the More She Seemed Like She Was Trying to Cover It Up

  • I had no idea what he was trying to say in the end, so I just nodded and responded simply, "En."
  • "Jing, you've never been in business before, so you don't understand the vital points in it. Nevertheless, you're my daughter. I have no other choice but to remind you—you shouldn't have cooperated with Jinghao like this for this project," he said earnestly.
  • "I'm doing this voluntarily," I said.
  • "My stupid daughter, you're doing everything wholeheartedly for Cheng Jinghao, but what about him? After he finishes taking advantage of you, he may kick you away at any time. You've been working so painstakingly, is it just to make a wedding dress for others?!"
  • He said the later part of his sentences furiously. It was as if he was feeling angry for the injustice I suffered.
  • I had to admit that what he said pierced through my heart and stabbed me in the spot I cared about the most.
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