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Chapter 150 I'm Your Husband!

  • I looked at Shen Yanting happily. He was the first person that evaluated my designs genuinely.
  • Whether it was Cheng Jinghao, Fu Cenran, or other people who were plotting to exploit my designs, none of them ever evaluated my designs seriously like this.
  • My mood became a lot better. "It seems that you've really examined my design attentively. I'm really thankful for that."
  • "Beautiful things deserve to be seen attentively. May I ask—to which company have you taken your designs?" he asked with a smile. A second later, seemingly afraid that I would misunderstand him, he proceeded to explain, "It's okay if it's inconvenient for you to answer. I'm just worried that your works will be overlooked."
  • I smiled. "It's indeed a little inconvenient for me to tell you. However, when the goods are launched, I'll definitely send the whole set to you in person if you're still in the country."
  • A trace of surprise flashed across his face, but there was not even the slightest trace of unhappiness because I did not answer his question on his expression.
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