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Chapter 136 Something Happened to Zhou Ziyun

  • "Yes, it was me who sent them." He let go of my chin and looked at me with disappointment. "I thought, I thought you already gave up on him but in the end? Now, you're actually telling me that you want to go back? Then what do everything I did count as?"
  • I shook my head, staring at him dazedly. I then said somewhat confusedly, "No... Why didn't you tell me in person? Why?"
  • I could hardly believe this.
  • "Are these still important? Ning Jing, you ought to know better than me that if you get back together with Cheng Jinghao again, you'll only be tortured! Could it be that everything he did these years still isn't enough to make you give up?"
  • "I'm doing this because of the child..."
  • He looked at me with a rather mad gaze, "The child? We can also have children. As for the baby in your belly, I'll definitely take care of them. I'll take you away, okay?"
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