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Chapter 135 The Anonymous Messages Were All Sent by Him!

  • I could feel the man's body temperature rising. His body stuck closely to mine, making the situation extremely ambiguous.
  • My hand shook. The bowl I was holding fell into the sink with a sharp clanking noise. The man bowed his body slightly and lowered his head to kiss my ear. It was as if he was seducing me.
  • He was kissing earnestly and meticulously. No corner was missed. Each kiss was deep and long. It was as if he was treating a treasure.
  • He pressed on to my shoulders and turned me around to face him.
  • I instinctively raised my head to look at him, but my lips were immediately sealed by him. In an instant, he had taken my breath away. "You..."
  • The moment I lifted my lips, his soft tongue immediately drilled in. He sucked fiercely on the back of my tongue and then gently kissed my lips. His voice fell from his lips, sounding extremely sexy. "What about me? En?"
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