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Chapter 134 Your Husband Is Really Handsome

  • Without caring whether or not I was listening, he continued on as if he was talking to himself.
  • "However, I seem to be unable to do that. Every time I close my eyes, what I see in my mind is just you."
  • "How you left with Zhou Ziyun, how I found you lying sleepily on the sofa waiting for me every time I came home..."
  • "Your every frown, your every smile... All of them are just like movie scenes which flashed past my mind one after another... I even suddenly recalled the scene of our first meeting a few years ago."
  • "You might not believe this because, at that time, I simply didn't pay any attention to you. For some reason, however, I strangely remembered you..."
  • "I knew I couldn't let you go, so when I found out that our child survived, I seemed to find a reason that could keep you from leaving..."
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