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Chapter 129 Are You Pregnant?

  • "Ha! Family matters? The two of you are divorced already. Whose family matters are these?" Zhou Ziyun pulled me closer to him, shouting furiously, "Furthermore, Jing's now pregnant with my child. Do the two of you have the slightest relationship?!"
  • Cheng Jinghao's expression was dark to the extreme. His gaze was fixated on me. "I only ask you this—are you going with me or not?"
  • I was still immersed in the desperation I experienced just now, so when I heard his question, I just stared blankly.
  • Go?
  • I dropped my gaze. My heart was thoroughly cold. "Mr. Cheng, what he said is right. We have nothing to do with each other at all. Why should I go with you?"
  • "See? Jing's pregnant with my child. She'll only be related to me. I'm the father of her child, and I'm also her future husband!"
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