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Chapter 5: The truth revealed

  • They enter a castle, surrounded by thick trees and then you will notice it with your sharp eyes. Everyone was amazed to see, that Delmore was carrying a woman. And at the same time, they smelled the strange smell of the girl they were carrying. Oldies Lara approached. She sniffed and suddenly, the fang came out. Dylan and Viper suddenly blocked both of their fangs.
  • "Let us go, Lara!" Dylan commanded sternly.
  • "She smells, it feels so good! I want to taste her blood even if it's just a little bit." She said excitedly.
  • As she was about to start, when Delmore's hand gestured and Lara flew out of the castle. Those who were about to approach suddenly, withdrew as Delmore stared at them.
  • "Susan's son, is back!" Said the one beside them.
  • They stared at Delmore from head to toe.
  • "He is the one, the destiny." Replied another vampire.
  • Delmore continued walking towards the castle pedestal. Those present were surprised because there was also a council meeting.
  • "Susan's son came back, successful maybe in his mission." Oldies Akir said.
  • "What do I smell?" Said the leader.
  • "I want to know, if she is what we are looking for." Delmore replied.
  • Everyone stood up and looked at his lifeless woman. Suddenly the fangs of the whole council came out, but the leader immediately intervened.
  • "Stop it, there is no certainty as to! Whether her blood is the antidote or herself," he said to them.
  • The council calmed down a bit and their fangs disappeared. Delmore lays the unconscious woman down.
  • "Jelika," the leader called and in a flash they were in front of a woman with blue eyes.
  • "I want to know, what happened then." Said the leader.
  • "I need to see her, eyes!" Jelika replied.
  • The leader looked at Dylan and suddenly pressed his index finger to the girl's forehead and she woke up. Jelika approached Shasha and looked her in the eye. It was as if someone pulled Jelika and she went back to the past. She saw a woman being chased by so many vampires, holding her a petals of pink flowers but it looked like a red stone. They jumped and exchanged powers. When something thundered there as well as thunder and lightning with it, his eyes were very red and he was smiling.
  • "Give me that Susan," the man said.
  • But Susan refused so, they fought back. When Susan was seriously injured for hiding her red stone, she saw the car approaching. In an instant, she disappeared and she got to the bumper of the car. And immediately stopped it, and stopped. The occupants were shocked, because the front of their car was flattened. They have a baby. She immediately got inside the car with her power. She blew the couple and they lost consciousness. Then, she stared at the baby who immediately smiled at her.
  • Susan also smiled but because she was in a hurry at the time, her fang came out and bite the baby on the neck. Then, she pushed the rose petals on its chest. And then, she put her palm on her forehead. And thousands of volts of electricity switched on the baby, her black eyes became violet then. Susan sighed when it was over.
  • "You will take care of the destiny. If you pass your test, and if you do not break the destiny, you will remain human until you are twenty years old. You will be recognized by the destiny, by your strange smell. You will save what is destiny in the right time," it's long promise as if she was praying for the baby.
  • Suddenly, the baby floated and someone seemed to be holding her. And, she was released from inside the car before being blown up by the man chasing Susan. And because she was so weak, she was killed by her opponent. She was loss against him. Especially, since she is no longer has the flowers of vampires.
  • It seems that someone, suddenly shook Jelika from the past and she immediately returned to the present. She was weak and in a hurry.
  • "She is the protector of destiny," she said weakly to everyone. They silently looked at Delmore.
  • "How can she protect the destiny, when she is a mortal?" Asked another Oldies.
  • "I do not know! But if she does not resist Susan's associated curse, she can also kill the destiny." Jelika replied.
  • Everyone whispered.
  • "But we need to help her especially since she is not mortal." Continued the woman.
  • "She is higher than the average vampire or the powerful vampire especially, when she is defeated by her trial" Jelika continued.
  • "What bothers me is that, if Susan injected the antidote into her chest, it was not clear if it was in her blood or not." The oldies Jelika continued.
  • "And the color of her eyes, will be strange. If the destined is to be green eyes, she will be having a purple eyes." Still Jelika's said to them.
  • Everyone are speechless. No one dare share their own opinion. As if, they are very surprised and can't believe what they had just heard. Delmore look in Sasha's face while still unconscious. Finally, he found the antidote that everyone's looking for. The antidote that can make a vampire walk in the daylight and live as the mortal does.