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Chapter 2 Strange Feeling

  • Shasha is tired all day with the number of costumers and deliverers, because the festival of the dead is near. She said goodbye to their boss and left. She looked up because the sky, it was dark and she did not have an umbrella. She walked in the pedestrian lane to cross as many as she was in a hurry, because it was getting dark.
  • She is currently walking down the alleyway to her rented house.
  • She was suddenly startled, as if she saw a shadow behind her, following. She was stopped, she had no nervousness but why did her chest seem to be shaking? It hurt, and it hurt, so much!
  • That she grabbed her chest, because of the pain. She knelt down and closed her eyes. Suddenly, something passed over and it's a shadow!
  • She raised her face, and when she looked back it, suddenly disappeared. The pain in her chest disappeared slightly, as she quickly stood up and ran towards her residence. Shasha was in such a hurry. And that she could not understand, why she had been suffering ached in her chest, since she arrived at that building?
  • She was sitting weak in the chair inside her room. She closed her eyes and leaned back. She was really tired, plus what happened to her earlier. And suddenly, she fell asleep.
  • Shasha woke up! And she was, surprised! She was in front of a palace, lurking in the forest. She felt scared and shivered.
  • "Shasha"," a voice, call her.
  • She turned around but saw no one around.
  • "Shasha," again, someone called her.
  • She saw a red flower, that shone and she closed her eyes. When she woke up, the gate of that palace was opened. She seemed to have lost herself and she walked in.
  • She saw so many people in black there! They were looking at her, and at the same time, she smelled her. She hugged herself out of fear.
  • Along the red carpet,while she was walking, she saw a man behind her sitting in the chair of a king. She stopped and spoke boldly.
  • "W-who are you?" She stammered, and asked a question.
  • "And, where am I?" The girl continued.
  • Suddenly, a strong wind blew and a shadow came, a four black smoke. She looked at them but she could not see their faces. As long as she knew, the shadow's had come and the man sitting on the throne.
  • Suddenly, three men flew at her from the smoke. In shock and fear, she lost consciousness.
  • Natasha opened her eyes and remembered what had happened. Her eyes widened, and she got up quickly. She rolled her eyes, checking herself, that she was just at home lying on the sofa. She breathed, a sigh of relief.
  • Thank you God! She wispered.
  • She got up and went to the bathroom. She washed and rinsed. Then, she looked at her clock in the arm, it was already morning!
  • He woke up early today, but why did all her dreams come true?
  • She returned to her small living room and sat down.
  • She fell into thought, and when her eyes dropped to her feet, she jumped at what she saw!
  • Why are her feet so, muddy ?!
  • "Oh God! What happened? Where did I go and my feet are full of mud?" She asked herself confused.
  • She quickly went back to the bathroom and took a shower. She did not see the four smoke coming out of nowhere. Suddenly, they appeared inside the maiden's house.
  • "Didn't she get hurt?" Question of one of his companions.
  • The two shook. As the girl was about to leave the bathroom, they suddenly disappeared.
  • Shasha shook her chest, and it hurt again. She held hee chest again, and clung to the bathroom door. She almost cried in pain! She did not know why her chest, often hurts.
  • When it disappeared, she almost crawled to her small room. The four shadows there, witnessed what happened to the girl.
  • "Why did she get there ?" Dylan question.
  • They looked at each other.
  • " She could be the one, whom's everyone was looking for. Because of her strange smell, that demon knew what smell that possessed that powerful antidote. " Delmore said.
  • It seems, that they didn't stopped their leader. The three of them are silent.
  • "Keep an eye on her, and call me if you notice anything strange. We will know that, when it is time for her to be wounded." He ordered to his companions, they nod and Delmore disappeared.
  • So that, even if the girl is inside the house they can still see her. Wherever she hides, whether it is a wall or a mountain.